April 19, 2021

Write For Us

NE Guard is a website that provides awareness about viruses, hacking, and security measures for today’s businesses.

We’d love to have writers who can submit original content that illustrates their expertise on these topics. 

If you have something to share on a relevant topic, do send us the outline. Our editorial team will go through it and let you know if we think it’s a good fit. 

If you wish to send us a complete blog post, make sure it aligns with the site's themes, together with the guidelines mentioned below. You may also send over previous writing samples for our editorial team to review. 

Our editorial team filters all written content. They will edit, modify, accept, or reject submitted articles. Should your piece be selected, it will be published within seven working days upon its approval. We’ll be sure to let you know!  

Guidelines for content

As mentioned, we are all about bringing awareness to our readers by shedding light on the security industry. This is why we advise contributors to back up their work with facts and relevant references. 

The topic: Make sure that the topic you choose is current. It can be controversial, but it should seek to address a problem or provide a solution. Stick to one topic per article so you can cover all the necessary ground. Feel free to add in personal opinions so give the article life and add some creativity.

Length: The length of the article should not be over 1000 words. If you wish to exceed this, please make sure that whatever else you need to say is still relevant.

Links: Your written content should link to the references you use, for further reading. Make sure to contextualize all links. 

Style: Use numbered lists or bullet points when necessary.  

Paragraphs: Do not use long paragraphs or any technical jargon without explaining. Use language that any reader can understand. Break up paragraphs for better readability. 

Images: Add some life to your articles by attaching images. Credit these properly. 

Deadlines: We do not impose any specific deadlines, but note that we update our blog every week. If your topic is relevant and current, we will review it and publish it based on priority. 

You can email us your articles at [email]. We can’t wait to have you be part of the NE Guard team. 

NE Guard is your go-to choice when it comes to the latest news regarding security. Our team has got you covered whether you're looking for physical or virtual safety.
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