June 16, 2021
What Can I Do With a Cyber Security Degree?

What Can I Do With a Cyber Security Degree?

Fred JacksonJune 16, 2021,

Are you done with your cybersecurity degree or planning to admission? If so, you might be thinking what can I do with a cybersecurity degree? Well, in this articles I am going to highlight some great jobs that you can get after completing your cybersecurity degree

Information Security Analyst

As an Information security Analyst, you'll be responsible for protecting sensitive information. You will create plans and implement strategies to prevent attacks, develop policies that protect the organization against attacks, ensure compliance with those policies by monitoring data access and training other employees on how best to use technology securely. Additionally, you could earn up a median salary of $98,350 per year or even more!

Lead Software Security Engineer

The lead software engineer is typically tasked with leading a security expert team, assessing and analyzing risk, developing safe and secure software, and identifying vulnerabilities. They can make an average annual salary in six figures

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The CISO is responsible for developing maintaining and implementing security processes in order to protect the company from threats and risks. The salary of a top-level CSO can now reach $420,000 per year. Average salaries are listed on CSOonline as ranging between $140K-$300K with median pay being at around $158k annually

Security Architect

A security architect is a professional who analyzes and identifies threats in data networks to protect information. They often work on the development of software and hardware, while overseeing staff education about policies; designing models for network protection; installing VPNs, to ensure trustworthiness. With 27% of employers looking for candidates with master’s degrees as well as an average salary at $129 000 according to Cyberseek.org (2018), this position looks like one worth pursuing!

Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are in charge of finding the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may exist on an organization's network. They do this by constantly probing and testing their networks using a variety of tools, software, or exploits. Cyberseek reports that the average income for penetration testers is $102,000 with 22% seeking advanced degrees; however salaries can range up to $130K according to Mondo.


Do cyber security jobs pay well?

The average annual salary for cybersecurity professionals starts at $90,000 but can go up to $160K per year! These people are responsible for creating security measures that keep your company safe from these attacks.

Is there a lot of math in cyber security?

With a cyber-security degree, you'll need the skills to analyze and decrypt data. You will also study encryption and programming as part of your coursework!

Is it hard to get a cyber security job?

It is not difficult to get a job in cybersecurity. The number of positions are growing with the Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting the field to elevate more than 30% over the 10 years. For entry-level candidates, most of the managers emphasize soft skills for entry-level candidates, but most technical skills can be learned on the job.

Does cybersecurity require coding?

Do you think coding is in the cards for your cybersecurity career? If not, no need to worry. Entry-level jobs don't require any knowledge of code and after a few years with experience on the job, some mid- or upper-level positions may call for it

Is Cyber Security in demand?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an explosion in cybersecurity jobs. The BLS projects that these positions will grow by 31% through 2029, which is seven times faster than the national average job growth rate.

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