November 20, 2021
What Is Cybercrime And Security

What Is Cybercrime And Security

Orville BravoNovember 20, 2021,

Cybercrime is a growing concern that involves the use of computers and the Internet. Cybercriminals can commit crimes against individuals, groups, or organizations with cyber-attacks, including reputation management through misinformation campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook where they post fake news stories. This could lead to people being afraid for their safety in real life!.

Types of Cybercrime

Let us now discuss the major types of cybercrime. 

Cybercrime can cause direct harm or indirect harm to the victim.

However, the largest threat of cybercrime is on the financial security of an individual as well as the government.

Cybercrime causes a loss of billions of USD every year. Below we have mentioned the types of cybercrime.


It is the act of illegally accessing someone's computer system with malicious intent.

Unwarranted mass-surveillance

Mass surveillance means the systematic monitoring of a large group by an authority, but anyone who does it for personal interest will be considered as cybercrime.

Child pornography

It is a heinous crime that has been practiced heinously practiced all around the world. Children are abused sexually, and their video is recorded and uploaded on the Internet.

Child grooming

Child grooming is an establishment of emotional connection with children to use them for child prostitution and child trafficking.

Copyright infringement

If someone infringes your protected copyright without permission and publishes it, they're committing an act called "copyright infringement."

Money laundering

When an individual or organization disposes of money that they have earned through illegal means, it's called "laundering." Money laundring typically involves transferring the funds into a foreign bank account and/or some sort of legitimate businesses transaction.


Cyber-extortion is a form of hacking that occurs when someone demands money from you in exchange for restoring access to your email server or computer system.


Cyber-terrorism can be defined as the use of computers and networks with malicious intent to terrorize a government. It has been done many times in order for someone's political or social objectives, like intimidating them by invading their security system through computer systems."

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of protecting information and communication systems from unauthorized use, modification, or exploitation by using computer technology.

Cyber security is a critical aspect of our modern society that must be taken seriously. Not only does it protect us from outside threats, but it also keeps those with malicious intent out as well!

The data owned by the government and defense organizations need an ultra-secure level of security. These databases are too important to risk any negligence in their upkeep, which could cause major problems for our country as a whole.

Maintaining a high standard regarding information technology ensures that sensitive material stays safe from prying eyes while still being accessible when needed.

We hope this blog post was helpful for you. If you are interested in reading more such articles, visit Neguard.

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