January 2, 2022
What Are The Roles of a Security Guard in Case of Fire?

What Are The Roles of a Security Guard in Case of Fire?

Ina AponteJanuary 2, 2022,

Security guards are in charge of spotting potential threats and dealing with emergencies. Various instances, ranging from trespassing to burglaries, are included. Even though it is the responsibility of firefighters to put out fires, security guards play a vital role in the process. 

Their responsibilities in this regard differ based on their employer's needs and the training they've acquired. In any case, security guards should be given a written list of the employer's expectations before commencing work, familiarise themselves with the procedures, and double-check that everything is in order.

In the event of a fire, a security guard's role might be separated into two parts. The steps the guard should take before and after the fire breaks out, or in other words, prevention and response. The activities that each of these stages entails are listed below.

Prevention and Preparation

Many fires can be prevented if the danger is recognized early enough. Those that could not be avoided, on the other hand, should be handled carefully to minimize property damage and, most importantly, to save lives.

Security guards’ conduct should be guided by the policies and procedures established by their employers. It's critical to get to know them well and regularly brush up on your knowledge. These protocols specify how to respond to various types of emergencies, such as fires, evacuation routes, accessible fire equipment, and emergency contact information.

Regular patrols, which are a part of most guards' daily routines, play an important role in preventing fires. Security officials must keep a close eye on the premises and make sure there are no fire hazards.

It is critical to have efficient equipment at one's disposal to respond swiftly and efficiently to a fire. Above all, it comprises fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers.

When there is a fire, people must frequently be evacuated. Exit signs must always be visible, and evacuation routes must always be accessible and clear, whether in an office building, a store, or an event.

Procedures During Fires

When the fire threat becomes a real fire, the security guard's function becomes secondary. The firemen’s job is to put out the fire. However, security guards' assistance is still critical. They are frequently the first to notice the fire, and they are expected to react immediately, just as they would in any other emergency.

Security guards should use their knowledge and communication skills to manage the situation while waiting for emergency services to arrive. In such a situation, the first concern is to guarantee the safety of those who remain on the premises by assisting with the evacuation procedure.

Security guards can offer firefighters information about the source of the fire, the building's characteristics, and the status of evacuation operations once they arrive.

To learn more about the role of a security guard in various situations, visit our blog section.

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