September 21, 2021
What are the Benefits of Security Awareness Training?

What are the Benefits of Security Awareness Training?

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Cyber threats and risks are always on the rise. With the number of actual cyberattacks also rising, it has become a matter of critical concern for businesses and organizations to ensure the protection of their online data and systems. For this purpose, while hiring security experts and implementing cybersecurity procedures is helpful, it is equally vital to educate and train the employees on cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity awareness is central to completing the web of protection around your online and digital operations. More often than we would expect, it is through internal threats that cybersecurity is breached. While this could be intentional, more often, it is accidental.

Employees who are uneducated in cybersecurity can unintentionally commit minor errors that can result in a major breach in security and leave the company’s data vulnerable to hackers.

The only way to combat this threat is through cybersecurity awareness training.

We talked to the experts, who have explained the major benefits of security awareness training;

Human error is one of the main risks in cybersecurity. Any person, even one lacking malicious intent, could accidentally leave your organization vulnerable to a plethora of costly cyberattacks. Security awareness training is a necessary investment to make your employees aware of the threats against themselves and their employer in order to prevent a leak or react quickly to a cyberattack. Clear benefits to security awareness training are: 

Staying Compliant: Businesses must maintain security awareness to ensure their employees do not violate regulations that may apply to them regarding information security and privacy, such as GDPR and CCPA. 

1. Preventing Disruptions

Any security incident that occurs will cost your company time and money. System downtime can be costly, and investigating and fixing breaches will take manpower away from existing projects and risk missing deadlines.

2. Employee Knowledge

The more aware your employees are of cyber threats, the more insight your organization will have about company risk. Technology is always changing, and so too are the tactics used by cybercriminals. With security awareness training, your employees will be able to alert you about threats against the company, rather than just ignoring them in the spam folder or clicking on malicious links. 

Matt Donahue, Compliance and Risk Analyst at Sentient Digital, Inc, technology solutions and IT managed services.

3. It Prevents Breaches And Online Threats

Using a security awareness program, employees will be encouraged to comply with information security quality standards as they approach commonly used apps and technologies at work, such as social networking. As a result of the security awareness training, employees become aware of the basic social engineering threats such as phishing and spear.

Erin Zadoorian, CEO and Executive Editor Ministry of Hemp

4. Compliance With Company Regulations

One of the biggest benefits of security awareness training in securing compliance with your company. There is a wide array of regulations today businesses need to follow to be compliant. Staying compliant and ensuring compliance is a priority for companies that handle personal and sensitive information. Furthermore, failing to respect legislation comes at a hefty price. For instance, HIPAA compliance violations cost anywhere from 100 to 50,000 dollars per violation. Exposing yourself and your company to that risk can cost you a business, a good reputation, and a future.

That said, a security awareness training program comes as the perfect solution for preventing these kinds of mishaps, as it allows employees to stay educated on the importance of following these rules and showing them how to handle sensitive information to prevent these kinds of mistakes from happening.

Stefan Ateljevic, Founder of PlayToday

5. Prevention of Cyberattacks

Since a lot of businesses are working remotely now, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches has increased a lot. Since a small mistake is enough to expose a business to all kinds of threats, all employees must be properly informed about the necessary steps to prevent cyber attacks. These trainings should be held regularly, at least twice a year, since new types of attacks are getting identified on a daily basis around the world.

Mohamed Sehwail, CEO of

6. Creating Awareness on Cyber Threats

Security awareness training is essential for educating people on the current types of data breaches. Although this is a  fairly common topic nowadays, a lot of people don’t even have a basic understanding of the situation. Speaking from my experience, there are still individuals who have the same password for all accounts or who log in to important websites from unsecured networks.

These don’t seem like major issues until a problem happens, which is why security training is absolutely necessary. Aside from it, I would suggest having short ongoing security awareness sessions just to keep people up to date with all developments.

Nick Chernets, CEO of Data for SEO

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