March 2, 2021
Tips for Setting up Security Measures to Prevent Domestic ViolenceTips for Setting up Security Measures to Prevent Domestic Violence

Tips for Setting up Security Measures to Prevent Domestic Violence

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In the US more than twelve million people are victims of domestic violence yearly. Many of these people are able to escape from the abusive environment and start a new life. However, this fresh start is a long journey to feel safe and secure again, especially at home. 

To get to that point you have to take certain security measures that can give a sense of calm, helping you regain your life. Such as improving your building access control or in simpler words give access to your building to those people who make you feel safe. 

Today we are talking about what security measures you can follow to move on from a place of abuse to a safe space.  

Building access control

We recommend that you change your lock anytime you move into a new place that former residents might still possess keys to, if you have not followed through with this yet then do it as soon as possible.

You also need to change any access control to your home or building that uses codes repeatedly. However, if you lived with a partner or roommate who is a signee or co-owner of the property you should consult a lawyer before changing anything regarding the home because you might be violating the agreement if they got locked out. 

Similarly, when it comes to rental agreements you can not change locks without consulting the landlord. Thus, if you feel like you have to so make sure to consult your landlord first. They may be willing to make an exception if you explain your circumstances better. 

Security System

Changing your locks and access codes are sometimes not enough to make you feel safe. This is why we will recommend you to invest a good security system too. Whether it is a professionally installed camera or DIY. It can be the difference to protect your family from unwanted visitors.  

Be sure to know exactly what type of security system you need, if not it is always a good idea to consult a professional 

Personnel Alarm 

In addition to installing a security system you can always go for a portable security or hire vip security services. A security service provides you with bodyguards if you feel unsafe when going out and a portable security system does not feel right for you. 

However a portable security system fends of anyone that seem a threat to you by emitting loud sounds, they can even contact someone nearby for help or your local authorities. 


The journey to feeling safe again in your home and neighborhood can be a long and tough process but with the right help and patience you just might be able to go back to your life. And if ever you have experienced anything bad in the past, it is better to seek advice from domestic violence law experts.

Always be cautious and prioritize your safety. Remember once you have changed your locks and updated entry codes, keep checking them from time to time this help you to keep in touch of when to maintain them. Also in case of an emergency be sure to create a escape route before so you do not need to panic when the situation arises. 

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