May 3, 2021

Social Security

How Is Social Security Payment Determined?

Social security has always been a key source of income for those retiring in the U.S. So, how do you ...

More than 140 arrested at new Paris protest against law that would limit filming police

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Text by: NEWS WIRES|Video by: Camille NEDELECDecember 12, 2020 Paris police took 142 people into custody at what quickly became ...

3 Potential Social Security Changes to Watch

Could they affect the size of your checks? Christy BieberNov 27, 2020 Social Security accounts for at least 50% of ...

Changes to SNAP Threaten Food Security in Western North Carolina — ‘What Happened to That American Dream Again?’

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by Jonathan Ammons, 100 Days in AppalachiaMay 9, 2018 The screen door slams, punctuating our conversation as a couple navigates ...

My Poor Aging Neighbor: Income Inequality in Later Life

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by Matt Perry, California Health ReportApril 4, 2016 With income equality growing wider each day, a new article claims that ...
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