September 20, 2020


Your work laptop may not be as secure as it should be

by Owen Hughes in Security on September 8, 2020 Nearly a quarter of work computers provided by employers lack any additional security software, research ...

Getting Cloud Right: The 4 Crucial Aspects Of Cloud Security

By Robert SmithSeptember 14, 2020 Cloud is not an emerging trend anymore. It is a mature business model for IT organizations ...

GAO Determines Homeland Security Appointments Were Invalid

by Daniel Davis, Citizen TruthAugust 14, 2020 “The determination by an independent congressional watchdog today invalidates actions Mr. Cuccinelli and ...

DVR-based Security camera systems need to be replaced

There are a lot of security camera systems to chose from but you should avoid the DVR-based systems like Swann, ...

The Polis administration wants to open a state prison ASAP. Here’s why lawmakers haven’t signed off yet

Lawmakers are working to strike a delicate balance amid budget constraints and resistance to opening a prison without reforms by ...

It’s Time For an Airport Security Tech Upgrade

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By David Pring-Mill -Nov 21, 2018 We’re in the midst of one of the busiest weeks of the year for air travel, ...

Prison Security Bill Gets Extra Teeth At The Last Minute

by Taylor Knopf, North Carolina Health NewsJune 18, 2018 When Senate lawmakers took up a controversial prison security bill on ...

Changes to SNAP Threaten Food Security in Western North Carolina — ‘What Happened to That American Dream Again?’

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by Jonathan Ammons, 100 Days in AppalachiaMay 9, 2018 The screen door slams, punctuating our conversation as a couple navigates ...

Digital security tips for journalists: Protecting sources and yourself

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Hackers are everywhere. This tip sheet offers free resources to help journalists protect their sources and themselves. by David Trilling | March 9, ...

My Poor Aging Neighbor: Income Inequality in Later Life

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by Matt Perry, California Health ReportApril 4, 2016 With income equality growing wider each day, a new article claims that ...
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