February 18, 2022
Questions To Ask When Hiring A Security Guard For Your Top Executives

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Security Guard For Your Top Executives

Loris MillerFebruary 18, 2022, ,

Employing Security guards for top executives is not an easy task. Sure, some agencies may hand you the best guards they have, yet the interview is not something you dismiss, given the weight of the security guards' tasks to fulfill once hired. Here are some tips on examining your top executives' applicants for security guards.

Olivia Tan, Co-founder of CocoFax, suggested asking situational questions.

Hiring a security guard for a top executive demands that attention be paid to details on the candidate's behavior. Questions such as how he can handle physical conflict and what he considers to be suspicious activity should be asked to be sure of how professional he is at guarding the top executive. 

The personality of a security guard matters; therefore, he should be asked about his experiences from his former place of work and what other people think of him.

Harriet Chan, the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of CocoFinder shared that proper training and experience are necessary.

How Do You Train Your Officers? 

It is good to know how the officers are trained to ensure that they will be up to the task to provide your company executives with the required safety. You need to hire guards that have undergone proper and extensive training. The company needs to provide you with details of their training process, which should be hands-on. Any company providing only online training or a short training process may provide officers who are not ready for real-world scenarios. 

Do the Officers Possess Experience Working in this Industry? 

Experience working in a specific industry is necessary since security officers must embrace the company culture. As they provide services to the executives, they will interact with important stakeholders in the industry, and the officers need to understand how to conduct themselves. Since they will also become ambassadors of your company, clients can inquire from them about the company.

Jonathan Tian, Co-Founder of Mobitrix, shared conventional ways of hiring an executive's security.

There are some conventional and creative unique questions to ask when hiring a security guard for the top executives. I hired a security guard recently for one of my vital areas. But that area was difficult to cover, so I had to hire someone with better knowledge handling any situation. The first thing I asked was what was his quality to ask for the post and what was his ability that he could do the job correctly. Then, I wondered what knowledge he gained on law and government order that must be followed. A security guard must know the rules and regulations imposed by local government and local administration. Also, he was asked why he was the most qualified candidate among others. 

At last, after some other basic relevant questions, I came to my targeted area. I made him imagine a situation where he had to make a correct decision and not break any local government and administration rules. The question was not conventional; instead could only be answered with creative knowledge. Such a question can only justify a security guard candidate if he knows all the rules and regulations.


Hiring security guards, in general, should be treated as a task with high importance, given the assignments a security guard is given, especially when their undertakings involve securing top executives. We hope this article helped.

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