One-hit wonder frog makes a comeback in the southern Philippines

March 1, 2021 A pair of Filipino biologists have rediscovered Pulcharana guttmani, a rare Philippine stream frog first collected by biologists in 1993 and never seen again until now. Experts consider the blue-bellied frog among the rarest in the Philippines; the sole specimen was only described as a new species in 2015, more than 20 […]

Joe Biden will balance security interests and the rule of law in Central and Eastern Europe

by Veronica Anghel, The LoopJanuary 29, 2021 Under the Biden administration, the EU stands to have an ally against authoritarian tendencies in some Central and Eastern European countries, writes Veronica Anghel. But US involvement will not be transformative Biden’s declared interest to recommit the US to its role as a global supporter of democracy is […]

More Law Schools Nix Classes on Election Day

At least a dozen law schools have canceled classes Nov. 3 and are encouraging students to volunteer on election matters. By Karen Sloan | October 29, 2020     Hundreds of law students won’t be heading to campus Nov. 3 or logging into classes via Zoom. A growing number of law schools across the country have canceled classes on Election […]
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