July 20, 2021
What is Information Security and Cyber Forensics?

What is Information Security and Cyber Forensics?

Orville BravoJuly 20, 2021,

Information security, often referred to as infosec, are the processes and tools that are designed to regulate the security of sensitive business information. The goal is to prevent any disruption, destruction, and loss of sensitive information.

The information security team uses multiple tools, processes, and tricks to eliminate any threat and any chances of an occurrence of security leakage. They make sure to prevent any malware from entering the network.

The responsibilities of the information security team include:

  • Defining and managing user access control and making sure only the concerned person access the sensitive company information, through logins and passwords.
  • Monitoring network performances to point out and eradicate any irregular activity from a doubtful source or user.
  • Auditing the information security regularly to ensure that the security practices are strong and compliant.

Cyber forensics is the practice of collecting, analyzing, and reporting digital data. It can be used in the detection and prevention of crimes. Analyzing the data can give us information regarding the lawbreakers or even patterns that we can trace back to find the root of any crime.

From identifying malware to investigating fraud, cyber forensics helps companies protect their assets and intellectual property while also helping law enforcement agencies solve crimes. They collect cyber evidence in the form of data while maintaining its integrity.

The responsibilities of the cyber forensic team include:

  • Finding out the source of any malicious activity that has happened or of which, the company is facing a threat of happening.
  • Hunting for any files that are hidden, deleted, or lost due to a security failure or mishap.
  • Retrieving sensitive information that has been lost without processing and finding the cause of the loss of that specific information.

So basically, information security is the tool to prevent any security mishaps within an organization and if those occur, cyber forensic is the tool to find out how and why it happened and who is responsible for the happening.

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Why do we need Information Security?

Any big organization, small company, or even an individual needs information security because we all have sensitive information on our hands that we don’t want to share with the outer world. Information like our credit card numbers, a company’s yearly plans, or an organization’s data should be kept safe and to do so we need information security in our lives.

Why do we need Cyber Forensics?

With time we are developing better and unbreachable algorithms for information security, but still, the concept of information security can never be perfected due to human involvement and errors. So if an incident occurs where the infosec fails us, we use cyber forensic to find out the cause of that incident and to recover any information possible that is lost in the happening.

What is the difference between Information Security and Cyber Forensics?

While information security is the tool to avoid any incident from happening that can cause loss, disruption, or destruction of sensitive data, cyber forensics is a set of tools, to find out what caused a security mishap to occur and to retrieve any sensitive information.

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