November 11, 2021
How To Prevent ATM Tampering

How To Prevent ATM Tampering

Ina AponteNovember 11, 2021

ATM tampering happens when a criminal inserts a device onto the card reader of an ATM to collect the information from the card. Here frauds are increasing with every passing day. Here are the ways to prevent AT

Do A Quick Scan

If you see anything suspicious before using any ATM machine, don't use it. Make sure the card reader is aligned and in good condition. If there are obvious differences with another ATM nearby, compare them and choose the one that seems appropriate.

Be Wary Of Non-Bank ATMs

Theft from ATMs is a major problem in the United States. One out of every three machines are hacked, and 60% happen at privately owned ones- typically cash dispensing units found inside convenience stores or restaurants!

Check The Keypad

If the numbers on your keypad are difficult to press or feel like they're too thick, it might mean that there's an additional false button installed. You should go ahead and try another machine out!

Block Your PIN

Be careful while entering your PIN, and ensure that a CCTV camera isn't filming the keypad.

Stay In Public View.

When making purchases or withdrawals from an ATM, make sure that there is someone nearby to watch over the machine. If possible, use machines in well-lit areas with security monitoring for added protection!

Check Your Account Regularly.

One of the best ways to protect against identity theft is by monitoring your account. Check regularly for any suspicious activity on-site or through mobile banking apps like iPhone's My vault, Android Pay, etc. If anything were ever to happen, you can report it immediately and get back in control!

Sign Up For Alerts

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a machine, use another one or payment method and sign up for alerts so you will know what is going on with your atm card and account. Your intuition is important when it comes down to these types of things!

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