June 22, 2021
How Does Cyber Security Involve Human Components?

How Does Cyber Security Involve Human Components?

Orville BravoJune 22, 2021,

Dystopian novels and movies often pit robot against the robot, computer against the computer. The human element is viewed in these entertainments as emotional, weak, and incidental to a world of mechanical masters. But real life so far has not been like Terminator or Rudy Rucker’s books- humans are integral to every aspect of technology, including cyber security! Today we are going to discuss how does cyber security involves human components.

Who Built It?

In looking at cyber security, it is important to know who designed or programmed the component. Computers are tools that software scientists use; however, humans must create programs for computers to have a front-line defense against cybersecurity issues. Even though artificial intelligence can be used with existing computer systems and enhance them, there will always need human overseers because we still cannot rely on silicon brains alone as organic minds behind our machines.

Who Runs It?

Cyber security professionals are like superheroes. They come in to clean up an electronic mess left behind by other people and save the day when you're least expecting it. Cyber threats can be lurking anywhere, but these cybercrime fighters have your back!

Who Defends It?

Cyber security professionals need to educate themselves on the new threats. They are real people, with lives, families, and interests beyond their jobs, yet they also feel immense responsibility for protecting information held by their company or organization that pays them each month.

The professional IT expert may find themselves in understaffed departments, expected to take on more than is humanly possible for less remuneration. Yet they handle it while keeping their employers protected and secure against:

Getting along with each other in a cyber security department is very important for the real people with real lives who work hard in order to protect data. Though shows like The IT Crowd portray these IT professionals as a little “off” or devoid of social skills, most cyber security professionals are indistinguishable from other certified professionals such as teachers, doctors, and lawyers. They broadcast an air of quiet confidence while demonstrating diligence, attentiveness, and perseverance, but that doesn't mean they're incapable of having fun out in public!

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