September 21, 2021
How Can You Spot A Denial-of-Service Attack?

How Can You Spot A Denial-of-Service Attack?

James HawesSeptember 21, 2021,

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack is a type of cyber attack in which a malicious actor aims to render a computer or other device unavailable to its intended user. The best way to detect and identify a DoS attack would be via network traffic monitoring and analysis. 

Network traffic can be monitored via an IDS, IPS, and Packet Analyzer. 

Intrusion Detection System

An Intrusion Detection System will monitor for known attacks while firewalls will ensure policy enforcement. IDS will alert the IT team if there are any suspicious activities on the network that could indicate an impending DoS attack

Packet Analyzers

Packet analyzers allow the administrator to see every bit passing through the network link using deep packet inspection technology. This allows them to see inside packets to spot anomalies like spoofed IP addresses or unique port numbers that may indicate an intrusion attempt has been made on your system. 

Intrusion Prevention System

Intrusion Prevention Systems can prevent attacks because they operate at the packet level instead of just looking at individual sessions like an IDS does. Therefore they’re more effective against zero-day threats that haven’t been seen before but still pose risks if allowed into your network environment without being detected first.

Monitoring System

These tools are used together as part of an overall defense strategy or a monitoring system against threats. This is because each one provides different types of information about what’s happening on your network at any given time.

Network traffic can also be monitored via a network security solution that includes packet capture and analysis capabilities. This will allow for real-time detection of any suspicious activity on your network, which could lead to identifying possible attacks before they happen by monitoring all incoming/outgoing data packets on your network. 

If you achieve this in real-time, you can quickly respond if necessary with the proper steps needed to stop the threat from happening again or at least minimize it as much as possible until it’s resolved entirely. 

To learn more about the purpose of the Denial-of-Service attack, visit our blog section.

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