January 28, 2021


SolarWinds attack: Cybersecurity experts share lessons learned and how to protect your business

by Moira Alexander in Security on January 29, 2021 The highly sophisticated SolarWinds attack was designed to circumvent threat detection—and it did, for much ...

More than 140 arrested at new Paris protest against law that would limit filming police

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Text by: NEWS WIRES|Video by: Camille NEDELECDecember 12, 2020 Paris police took 142 people into custody at what quickly became ...

The Internet of Things: Difficult to Define, Quick to Grow

BEN HERNANDEZ DECEMBER 3, 2020 As difficult as it may be, when you look for positive things in 2020, you may ...

3 Potential Social Security Changes to Watch

Could they affect the size of your checks? Christy BieberNov 27, 2020 Social Security accounts for at least 50% of ...

Government Security Alerts: Why Cybersecurity Pros Must Pay Attention

Dice Staff November 6, 2020 In the run-up to the 2020 U.S. elections, with reports of possible hacking and disinformation ...

More Law Schools Nix Classes on Election Day

At least a dozen law schools have canceled classes Nov. 3 and are encouraging students to volunteer on election matters. ...

Your work laptop may not be as secure as it should be

by Owen Hughes in Security on September 8, 2020 Nearly a quarter of work computers provided by employers lack any additional security software, research ...

Getting Cloud Right: The 4 Crucial Aspects Of Cloud Security

By Robert SmithSeptember 14, 2020 Cloud is not an emerging trend anymore. It is a mature business model for IT organizations ...

GAO Determines Homeland Security Appointments Were Invalid

by Daniel Davis, Citizen TruthAugust 14, 2020 “The determination by an independent congressional watchdog today invalidates actions Mr. Cuccinelli and ...
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