July 21, 2021
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage

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Cloud Storage is rapidly gaining in popularity as it allows users to store and access data without the need for local physical data storage. It creates ease of access and saves costs, which is why they are being used by all kinds and sizes of businesses. However, it does naturally raise some security and privacy concerns, among other disadvantages. 

So, let’s delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages cloud storage brings with it.

Pro: Accessibility, Con: Security and Privacy in the Cloud

“Pro: Cloud files can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection. This helps you to get around difficulties like time zones and geographic location.

“Con: There are issues with storing sensitive and crucial data remotely. You should be aware that when you use cloud technology, you are entrusting critical business information to a third-party cloud service provider, which could put your organization in danger. This is why it's critical to select a reputable service provider who you can trust to keep your data safe.”

Daniel Foley, Founder of Daniel Foley SEO

Pro: Cost Savings, Con: Bandwidth Limitations

“Pro: Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to use cloud storage at little or no expense. This will lower your annual operating costs and save you even more money because distant data storage does not require internal power.

“Con: There may be a bandwidth limit based on the service you choose. Charges may be incurred if your company exceeds the allowance. Some vendors offer limitless bandwidth, which is something to consider while selecting a provider.”

Adam Harris, Co-Founder Best Tool

Pro: Disaster Recovery, Con: Vulnerability to Attacks

“Pro: Cloud storage may be used in this way by producing a second copy of vital files, which is something that all firms should invest in. These files can be stored in a remote place and viewed using an internet connection.

“Con: External hack attacks are a risk when your business information is kept in the cloud. Because the internet is not entirely safe, there is always the risk of sensitive data being stolen.”

Kate Libby, Founder Best Kids

Pro: Scalability, Con: Data Management

“Pro: You just pay for the amount of storage you need with cloud storage. If your company expands, the cloud operator can assist you in meeting your increased data storage requirements. All you have to do is change the amount you pay to increase the amount of storage you have. This also applies if your company grows smaller and you need less storage space at a lower cost.

“Con: Because cloud storage systems have their own structures, managing data on the cloud can be a pain. Your company's existing storage management system may not always work well with the cloud vendor's technology.”

Michelle Mayers, CEO of Best Cat

Pro: Speed, Con: Lifetime Costs

“Pro: Tests have shown that when the cloud is backed up by the correct corporate technology, the speeds attained can be on par with those achieved on-site. For example, a business can backup data to several servers at the same time, which is far faster than backing up to disc.

“Con: With public cloud storage, the expenses may rise over time and tend to accumulate. It's the same as buying a new car with a huge down payment. The ease of lease payments may appear enticing at first, but you will owe for mileage overage and will have to pay a significant sum to keep the automobile. This is when you'll start to see the long-term costs. It can increase networking costs if your applications are local and your data is in the cloud.”

Stephanie Young, CEO & Founder Best Camping

Pro: Storage Immortality, Con: Compliance

“Pro: The cloud allows you to avoid the danger of purchasing hardware that will become obsolete shortly. Instead, you can pay for the capacity and performance your company requires, and your supplier can modify your environment to keep up with new technology. Competitive pressures from other cloud providers are to blame for this.

“Con: It may not be possible to work in the public cloud depending on the level of restrictions in your sector. This is particularly true for healthcare, financial services, and publicly traded organizations, which must exercise extreme caution when contemplating this choice.”

Vanessa Dyer, CEO and Founder of The Magickal Cat

Pro: Synchronization, Con: Higher Internet Utilization

“Pro: In my opinion, one of the advantages of cloud storage is synchronization. The sync capability is available from every storage vendor. You can synchronize your cloud storage data with any device using synchronization. As previously said, we can access our data from any device and from anywhere in the world, but this is only possible thanks to synchronization. 

“You can connect to your subscribed storage service with any device using proper credentials, and you will be able to access all data stored in that cloud storage. You don't need to copy data from one device to another, but you will need a reliable internet connection to view all of your files. 

“Con: I believe that higher internet utilization is one of the main disadvantages of cloud storage. If backups are operating during business hours or periods when there is a lot of online traffic, you may notice a drop in the performance of internet-related activities. Internet capacity may need to be limited. Set up bandwidth utilization limits in your backup software (or limit via other network-controlled mechanisms) to avoid saturating your internet connection during times when you need it for other vital business activities.”

Sam Browne, CEO/Founder Findaband

Pro: Security, Con: Internet dependency

“Pro: When it comes to the internet, security is always a top priority, and since most big and small organizations use cloud storage services, they make sure that the service they choose provides them with superior security.

“Your data is saved across redundant servers in cloud storage, so even if one of the data centers goes down, your data will be managed by the other data centers, keeping your data safe and secure. Only your data may be lost if all of the storage provider's data centers collapse or are destroyed, which is an improbable scenario given that a cloud storage service is made up of thousands of data centers. 

“Some cloud storage providers store copies of your data in multiple data centers, ensuring that even if your data is lost or corrupted on the server, a backup is available.

“Con: You can't access your data while downloading a file from cloud storage if you don't have access to the internet. If the internet goes down, the data you were downloading may be corrupted.”

Lisa Merchant, CEO and Co-Founder of Best Card

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