September 28, 2021
8 Reasons Why Security Systems Are Important For Businesses

8 Reasons Why Security Systems Are Important For Businesses

Fred JacksonSeptember 28, 2021,

For any business, security is paramount to protect it from physical and cyber threats. If you are a business owner, you need to consider these critical reasons, from security experts, for implementing security measures.

Security systems are important for small businesses because they prevent physical and digital intrusions. This can help protect the company from legal problems and protect sensitive data from being leaked. A company that implements security systems is less likely to face these issues.

Aiden Cole, the Co-Founder of Nailboo

Data Security

Peace of Mind

A security system is vital to me as a company owner because it provides me the peace of mind that my assets, both physical and intellectual, are safe and secure. Furthermore, having a security system in place ensures that my personal information, as well as the personal information of my employees, are secured from breaches that may expose us to identity theft. 

Finally, a security system demonstrates that I am devoted to ensuring the safety of my organization and the well-being of my stakeholders. 

Erin Zadoorian, CEO/Executive Editor, Ministry of Hemp

Saves from Financial and Legal Implications of A Cyber Attack

COVID 19 has rapidly accelerated the shift of businesses to the online world, as more employees than ever before now work from home; air-tight cyber security measures should be a priority for all. The financial and legal implications of a cyber attack can be utterly devastating.

Every business needs to seriously invest in protective measures, like VPNs, encrypted connections, and ransomware protection. Anti-virus software must be implemented and regularly updated.

Eoin Pigott, Data Security Expert at Wisetek

Avoid Financial Data Being Compromised

Security systems are essential for any business to avoid having financial data compromised by hackers. Especially nowadays, with businesses operating in a hybrid model with employees connecting remotely to the company intranet, it's imperative to protect your data. A security system is only as strong as its weakest link, so make sure to cover all bases, especially remote connections.

Stefan Smulders, CEO of Expandi

Protect Against Internal and External Cybersecurity Threats

Regardless of your field or industry, outdated technology, a culture of complacency, or a single uninformed staff member could lead to a devastating and costly cybersecurity failure. Systematizing your approach to cybersecurity is the best protection from the vast array of threats in the current business environment, from break-ins and data leaks to ransomware and fraud.

We recommend that all businesses have a risk management plan in place and keep it updated. Regular training of employees on cybersecurity topics such as how to recognize suspicious emails, requiring strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, and maintaining encrypted offline backups are also vital security steps.

Without formal cybersecurity systems in place, your organization is giving employees, managers, and external contractors carte blanche to make their own judgment calls on a critical business issue.

Matt Donahue, Compliance and Risk Analyst at Sentient Digital, Inc.

Physical Security

It Protects the Cash Flow

The Company’s driving force is the employees. Your business will flourish if the internal operations run smoothly. But, if your business suffers despite reaching your number of sales, there might be something to be addressed on an internal issue. If there are no security systems, unethical employees may cause trouble for your business. 

You can prevent this if you have installed a security system inside the premises of your company. These will discourage the employees from doing unethical behavior that will protect your valuable assets and cash flow.

Andrew Steninmann, Business Analyst inkablelabel

There are three core reasons why security systems for any business or office, or workplace are essential today:

Lowers Insurance Costs

First, proof of security will typically lower your insurance costs. What's more, some insurance claims may be denied if your business does have a security system. Sit down with your insurance agent ASAP to review your policy and potential risks. 

Deter Criminals

Second, visual proof and general workplace knowledge of your security system will help deter criminals, including any deviant employees or their third-party associates, from targeting your business premeditatively. 

Sadly, most business theft, vandalism, or embezzlement is usually an inside job of some sort, largely organized quietly via internal and external texting. This is why explaining just how sound and secure your business is from crime during each and every employment interview is a general workplace best practice. 

Security From Theft, Vandalism, or Embezzlement

Third, keeping your business safe and secure from theft, vandalism, or embezzlement prevents your business from being crippled operationally and financially. Stolen or ruined equipment and inventory cannot be used or sold to paying customers. What's more, insurance will typically only cover your depreciated replacement costs, not your lost retail profits or extended downtime.

Baron Christopher Hanson is the principal of RedBaronUSA. He is also a growth strategy, turnaround, and business improvement consultant and coach. 

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